Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Majora's Mask Easter Eggs of Ocarina of Time 3D

These are a lot easier to stumble across than the Skyward Sword Easter eggs if you know what you’re looking for.

In Ocarina 3D the Happy Mask Shop has been drastically remodelled with more swanky curtains, a carpet, a classier rules board and err… disco balls. There are also masks on display on the shop floor now.

Recognise them? They’re all from the Happy Mask Salesman’s travel bag in Majora’s Mask! You can even just about make out the Mario mask obscured behind the mirror on the right hand side. Also, they seem to have doubled up on the blue ape-looking mask to make up space.

Things are also a bit more vibrant behind the counter. But what’s that over the salesman’s right shoulder? It’s his travel bag without all the masks! That’s another nice touch.

Those are the only two Majora ones I’ve found. They’re pretty obvious if you think back to what the shop looked like in the original release of Ocarina:

I would have loved to have seen a post-credits scene that galvanised Ocarina and its sequel further, much like the Chrono Trigger ports for the Playstation and DS did to Chrono Cross. There’s no additional dialogue with the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods who is strongly implied to be the same one in Majora’s Mask, I checked. Ah well.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you find about any references I might have missed in the game.

The Skyward Sword Easter Eggs of Ocarina of Time 3D

Contrary to some reports, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D isn't crammed full of Easter eggs based on the upcoming Skyward Sword.

After a lot of searching both online and in-game so far I’ve found only three, all of which are official art of Link. I’ve also found two relating to Majora’s Mask but for brevity’s sake I’ll save them until my next blog post. None of these are particularly amazing but interesting to see nonetheless.

Here’s where you can find them. Spoilers, I guess.

Let’s start with the easiest one. Head to the bedroom at Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link and look for the two pots placed between two cupboards. Smash them and you’ll find this leaning against one of the cupboards.

I’m not sure if this was present in the original game but if you head to the same spot as young Link you’ll find this sketch on the wall, presumably scribbled by little Malon. Dawwww!

Credit this next one to me since I haven’t seen anyone else report on it yet. Head to the bomb shop in the back alleys of Hyrule Castle Town. You’ll need to be in the young Link time period and it has to be night time. Go to look at the left shelf of wares and the camera will swing left just enough to see another picture of Link on the wall.

The last of the three is tucked away in an optional chamber in the Gerudos’ Thieves Hideout. It serves as a one way connection to the room the Gerudos dump you if you get caught in the stealth sequence.

The quickest way to get there is from the aforementioned room you get dropped into. Hookshot up to the window ledge like you’d normally do to escape. Look down and to the left and you should see the first floor entrance. If you angle it right you can simply jump down there. Use the hover boots if you’re not confident in your jumping abilities.

There’s only one main room here so you shouldn’t be able to miss this; smash to two crates against the wall to find to find your reward. Just make sure you either have the Gerudo’s pass or take out the guards before you attempt this.